Running out of time to submit!

Only EIGHT DAYS to submit your summer SOUP proposal! Deadline is May 22. Submit online here.

Spread the word, y’all!

SOUPer Bowl Results

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in and supported our first SOUPer Bowl at the Stube! We had four delicious soups to taste and choose from and, trust us, it was not easy.
In fact, it was so difficult that we had a two-way tie, which was broken by a staff member at the Bier Stube.
Our very own SOUP board member, Lyndsey, made the winning soup — a creamy spinach and mushroom soup. Lyndsey won the title of SOUP Maestro, her soup will be served at the Stube as the soup du jour in the near future, and a $50 credit to the Stube/House of Eats for delicious noms.

Second place was taken by Andrew Veselenak, who made an incredible chorizo corn chowder.

Third place went to Drew Ruiz, who cooked up a delicious chorizo, kale, and potato soup.

An honorable mention goes to Corey Reaster who made a great sausage meatball and spaghetti soup.

With the help of the cooks and those who hung out to taste test all of the soups we were able to raise $136 for SOUP, which will help us fund our upcoming summer event (JUNE 14 — deadline for proposal submissions is May 22!). Thank you, again, to everyone, especially Aaron Hensley and the Bier Stube/House of Eats for putting this together and hosting our first soup-off.

You are all the best ever.

Quick Announcements


Good morning, friends! A few quick announcements for you …

– SOUP is hosting its first SOUPer Bowl at the Stube, 4 p.m. on May 3! It’s easy.
TO ENTER: $10 gets you in the running for the title of “Stube SOUP Maestro,” a year-long honorary title, a nifty first-place trophy, and your recipe as the soup du jour at The House of Eats! (Not bad, right?)
Anyone can enter and any soup is admissible, provided you make it yourself and write down the recipe.
TO JUDGE: Voting is done by anyone who pays to participate in the competition and/or by those who make a donation, of any amount, to Toledo SOUP at the event.
Bring your friends! All of the proceeds will help us pay for the expenses associated with hosting SOUP events.

– The deadline to submit a proposal for Summer SOUP is May 22. You can submit them here.

– Summer SOUP, don’t forget, is June 14. Anyone who is interested in donating to the raffle, please email

– Most importantly: We love you. heart emoticon

Next event date

YOU GUYS. Mark your calendars. Summer SOUP is June 14. Let’s do this! *thumbs up* *fist bump* *flex bicep*

BBC covers Detroit SOUP

Check out this amazing piece from the BBC about our friends at Detroit Soup. There are hundreds of soup events around the world, and we are thrilled to be a part of this community. Toledo SOUP is committed to change in Toledo. We thank all of you for joining us in this mission.

Can soup change the world? podcast

Proposals submissions open for summer event

Proposal submissions are live on our Web site again! We haven’t set a deadline date or a date for summer SOUP (probably in June), but start thinking and get your proposal in before it becomes too late! Send us your ideas.

3/8 Event Results


You guys. We are going to need a bigger venue.
Tonight was our most-successful event to date. We had 179 people vote, and $2,596 donated, so one organization — Sisters in Law — could move forward with fulfilling its mission of helping young mothers.
How incredible is that? Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who came out and supported SOUP and these programs, thank you to our incredible sponsors — donating soup and raffle prizes and baked goods and time and money and coffee — and our gracious host, Toledo School for the Arts.
Together, one bowl of soup at a time, we’re helping build a better, stronger, more compassionate Toledo.
Thank you very, very much. Stay tuned — we will soon have a date set for summer SOUP!

Chef Profile 3 of 3: Aaron Hensley

Last on the list, but first in our hearts, is Aaron Hensley. He isn’t one to call himself a Chef, but that’s exactly who he is to us. Someone who understands how emotional food can be and pairs flavors you’d never expect to create something that your palate will remember, and crave, for years to come. The House of Eats (located within the Bier Stube) is lucky to have him.

For our March 8th event, Aaron is making IPA chicken and rice soup. This is the FOURTH time Aaron has donated his time, cooking talents, and tiger blood to Toledo SOUP, and we’re so happy to be able to call him a friend.

Chef Profile 2 of 3: Alex Sutphin

Our second Chef for Sunday’s event is Alex Sutphin.

Alex started working in the food service industry when he was just 16. He earned his culinary degree from Owens in 2011, and has been with Ciao Bella, a classic Italian Ristorante in Port Clinton, as a Sous Chef since 2013.

Alex’s food philosophy is simple — whether it’s fine French cuisine or rustic soul food,
it should taste so good that it creates a memory. He’s putting that philosophy into a hearty and heartfelt chickpea and farro soup from the Umbria region of central Italy for the March 8th fundraiser. Come dine with us and make a memory.

Chef Profile 1 of 3: Pam Weirauch

It’s time to tell you about our Chefs for Sunday’s event! Are you getting excited yet? We sure are!

Pam’s Corner is a favorite lunch spot, thanks to the rotating menu, weekly specials and, in no small part, the magnanimous Pam Weirauch herself. Pam’s food is as outgoing and spunky as she is, and diners RAVE about her homemade soups.

Pam has always loved soup. In fact, she firmly believes it should have it’s own spot on the food pyramid. She loves to try new combinations, andwhen she has the opportunity to travel her soup spoon gets quite the workout. Pam can still recall the thrill of her first blended soup in Barbados in 1985.

We’re delighted that Pam is bringing her unique spirit and culinary talents to our fundraiser in the form of dill pickle soup, a Polish favorite she’s sure Toledo SOUP guests will love.