Presenter Profile 4 of 4: Toledo Youth Pages

The last, but certainly not least, presenter at Sunday’s SOUP event will be the Toledo Youth Pages (Sandy Sieben).

‪#‎ToledoYouthPages‬ is a collaboration between the University of Toledo’s Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute, Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition, and United Way.

The focus of the project is to serve as a prevention tool for at-risk youth in the Toledo area through education and information on available resources in our community. The Toledo Youth Pages is a resource guide that will be available online, as an App, and as a printed booklet that will be distributed throughout Toledo.

Grant funding received through SOUP will be used to assist with mileage reimbursement to distribute the Toledo Youth Pages to schools, libraries, and community organizations throughout Toledo. Any additional funds will be used for printing the resource guide and translating it into Spanish.

Presenter Profile 3 of 4: Delightful Art with Dee

The next organization presenting at Sunday’s SOUP event is
Delightful Art with Dee (Dee Brown). ‪#‎delightfulartwithdee‬

This non-profit art gallery provides local artists with a positive and encouraging venue where they can display and sell their work. Special events such as art shows and poetry readings bring the community together, and soon they’ll be offering free community art lessons through their Art With A Heart program.

If they are selected as the SOUP grant recipient, they’ll use the funds to kickstart their Art With a Heart program, the aim of which is to make art accessible to those who may find it difficult to learn in a tradition art lesson environment, including children with autism, people with Parkinson’s, deaf people, and the differently abled.

The SOUP funds would be used to purchase art supplies and pay a teacher to lead the art classes. Explore their website at

Presenter Profile 2 of 4: Sisters-in-Law

The second organization presenting at Sunday’s SOUP event is Sisters-in-Law (Gretchen DeBacker).

‪#‎SistersInLaw‬ is a group of female volunteer attorneys who provide legal advocacy and mentoring to the moms who are participating in the program at Mom’s House, a non-profit whose missions is to provide at-risk single parents with the tools and resources needed to be effective parents, as well as help them achieve their educational goals.

If selected at the SOUP grant recipients, they will use the money for startup costs, including supplies, copying, postage, etc. Money may also be used to pay for child care expenses when the moms are in the enrichment sessions with the mentors. (Mom’s House has a small and tight budget and cannot absorb these additional payroll costs.) In addition, they plan to use funds to help cover transportation costs to planned outings and/or to pay for provided educational materials at these sessions.

Presenter Profile 1 of 4: 419Tales

It’s time to learn a little bit about the people/organizations who will be presenting at this Sunday’s event! First up is ‪#‎419tales‬.

419tales (Silke Goudos) – 419tales will be a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to collecting and archiving stories about life in Toledo.

Guodos is in the beginning stages of developing this podcast and the website is hosted at She hopes 419tales will foster pride in Toledo and increase historical literacy.

If 419tales is selected to receive the SOUP microgrant, Guodos will use the funds to purchase technology needed to run the podcast, including an audio mixer, dynamic microphones, headphones, music studio software and an external hard drive for back-up storage.

Raffle Sneak Peak

Want a sneak preview of the raffle that we’ll have this Sunday? (We kind of wish we could win because it’s *insane* and, well, you’ll want to bring some extra money. Trust us.)

The value of the total donated items is more than $700. Stop. Let it sink in. More. Than. $700. And we’re still picking up a few items.

Like to eat? The gift-card value for various local restaurants is a few hundred dollars. Like tattoos? We’ve got that. How about wine and T-shirts? Spray to clean your yoga mat? Yeah. We got that. (AND THAT’S NOT EVEN EVERYTHING!)

We’ll post a picture of the loot, and a detailed break-down of what’s up for grabs, before Sunday.

Tickets will be on sale at SOUP, $5 each or five for $20. You guys. We are so excited that we can’t even stand it. (And don’t forget that we always have the bake sale! Proceeds from the raffle and baked goods go DIRECTLY into the winner’s pot.) heart emoticon

6 Days Away

Who is coming to SOUP on Sunday?! *raises hand*
Make sure you RSVP on our event page. Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces.

Previous Winner Update – Soul City

Remember Soul City, the fall SOUP winner? They have a beautiful new Web site and a short video that is both empowering and emotional. The kind of thing that will really get you going on a cold Monday morning.
Roshawn Jones, who owns the gym with his father and is a coach, will be at SOUP on March 8 to give us all an update on how they spent their winnings and what’s happening with the gym.

Presenters for Event #7 on 3/8/15

*sounds trumpet*
Attention, attention! The SOUP judges have spoken and have decided on *four* presenters to compete for your vote at the March 8 SOUP. In just a few short weeks, with bowls of delicious soup before you, you will meet:
– Silke Goudos of 419 Tales
– Gretchen DeBacker of Sisters in Law
– Dee Brown of Delightful Art with Dee
– Sandy Sieben of Toledo Youth Pages

SOUP starts at 5 p.m. and will be hosted at Toledo School for the Arts. Costs $5 to get in and all of that money goes directly into the winner’s pot. We will also have an *awesome* raffle (so you’ll want some extra moolah for that) and, as always, delicious baked goods for sale. All of that money goes directly to the winner, too.

We are so excited to see your beautiful faces, eat delicious soup, and learn about some great programs happening here at home. ‪#‎youwilldobetterintoledo‬

Presenter Announcement Soon

Hello, friends! Thanks for your patience on finding out who our presenters will be March 8. Our judges are still reviewing proposals, but we should have some news for you soon!
*high-fives for everyone*

Thank you for your submissions!

At this time, proposal submissions for Toledo SOUP’s March 8 event are closed. Presenters will be notified within the next few weeks. Check back for updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in-the-know!