Toledo SOUP Changes Program

Toledoans have spoken, and SOUP is listening! We’ve changed our programming to give more community groups a chance to present their projects to the public.

Beginning this fall, SOUP events will focus on three key areas of community development: art and artists, social welfare, and entrepreneurship. The next event (Sunday, October 26) will focus on the city’s art initiatives.

Toledo SOUP invites all artists and art organizations to consider submitting a proposal idea via the online form here. Proposals will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

If selected, candidates will present their idea for 3-5 minutes at the next SOUP event, to be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday, October 25, location TBA.

The attendance fee/donation is $5 for adults and $1 for children 12 and under. Each guest will receive one vote for their favorite community initiative, as well as a complimentary meal of soup and bread from area chefs.

Proposals should focus on ways to benefit the Toledo community, and candidates will be notified if their submission has been selected for presentation.




6/14 Feedback

Help SOUP help you—Take just a few minutes to submit your feedback on last night’s event, here:

6/14 Thank you

A huge thanks to everyone who came out last night to listen to this season’s presenters. Your contributions at the door and to the raffle and bake sale are what help make incredible change possible in our community.

Thanks also to our AMAZING contributors: PLATE 21 provided us with delicious, refreshing cold brew coffee and tea.

Aaron from The House of Eats (located within Bier Stube)killed it with his vegan red wine vegetable rice soup.

Scott from Fowl and Fodder gave us TWO tasty soups, and they’re launching a new menu this week!

Andrew from Shawn’s Irish Tavern Italian herb chicken and rice soup was so popular we ran out! And he helped serve soup!

We also have to give a great big shout-out to our friends at All Crumbs Artisan Bakery. These guys know their bread, and LOVE supporting Toledo. They’re at the Toledo Farmers’ Market every weekend.

Show all these wonderful local businesses some love with a like. heart emoticon

6/14 Event Results

Awesome job tonight, friends! We were able to send Harvey House of Northwest Ohio, our Summer SOUP winner, home with $984.50! You all are so great. Thank you!

Since we don’t want to waste any time, make sure you mark your calendar for Oct. 25 and join us for Spooky SOUP! Details TBA, but we promise to keep you posted.

Have a great idea for a proposal? Applications are open year round. to submit yours!

Presenter Announcement

Y’all! We have exciting news to share! Our judges have spoken and they’ve chosen four presenters to appear at the June 14 summer SOUP!

We will be hearing from:
// Actors Collaborative Toledo
// Trash Enclave
// Harvey House
// JLJ Vision Outreach

In the coming days, we will be posting more information on each of these groups so you can learn a little about them before the big day. Spread the good word, friends! Let’s make sure we pack the Ohio Theatre so one of these very deserving groups goes home with a boatload of cash! Yay SOUP! Yay Toledo!

Running out of time to submit!

Only EIGHT DAYS to submit your summer SOUP proposal! Deadline is May 22. Submit online here.

Spread the word, y’all!

SOUPer Bowl Results

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in and supported our first SOUPer Bowl at the Stube! We had four delicious soups to taste and choose from and, trust us, it was not easy.
In fact, it was so difficult that we had a two-way tie, which was broken by a staff member at the Bier Stube.
Our very own SOUP board member, Lyndsey, made the winning soup — a creamy spinach and mushroom soup. Lyndsey won the title of SOUP Maestro, her soup will be served at the Stube as the soup du jour in the near future, and a $50 credit to the Stube/House of Eats for delicious noms.

Second place was taken by Andrew Veselenak, who made an incredible chorizo corn chowder.

Third place went to Drew Ruiz, who cooked up a delicious chorizo, kale, and potato soup.

An honorable mention goes to Corey Reaster who made a great sausage meatball and spaghetti soup.

With the help of the cooks and those who hung out to taste test all of the soups we were able to raise $136 for SOUP, which will help us fund our upcoming summer event (JUNE 14 — deadline for proposal submissions is May 22!). Thank you, again, to everyone, especially Aaron Hensley and the Bier Stube/House of Eats for putting this together and hosting our first soup-off.

You are all the best ever.

Quick Announcements


Good morning, friends! A few quick announcements for you …

– SOUP is hosting its first SOUPer Bowl at the Stube, 4 p.m. on May 3! It’s easy.
TO ENTER: $10 gets you in the running for the title of “Stube SOUP Maestro,” a year-long honorary title, a nifty first-place trophy, and your recipe as the soup du jour at The House of Eats! (Not bad, right?)
Anyone can enter and any soup is admissible, provided you make it yourself and write down the recipe.
TO JUDGE: Voting is done by anyone who pays to participate in the competition and/or by those who make a donation, of any amount, to Toledo SOUP at the event.
Bring your friends! All of the proceeds will help us pay for the expenses associated with hosting SOUP events.

– The deadline to submit a proposal for Summer SOUP is May 22. You can submit them here.

– Summer SOUP, don’t forget, is June 14. Anyone who is interested in donating to the raffle, please email

– Most importantly: We love you. heart emoticon

Next event date

YOU GUYS. Mark your calendars. Summer SOUP is June 14. Let’s do this! *thumbs up* *fist bump* *flex bicep*

BBC covers Detroit SOUP

Check out this amazing piece from the BBC about our friends at Detroit Soup. There are hundreds of soup events around the world, and we are thrilled to be a part of this community. Toledo SOUP is committed to change in Toledo. We thank all of you for joining us in this mission.

Can soup change the world? podcast