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Toledo SOUP Happy Hour

Happy Hour
5:30pm Monday, January 23, 2017 @ Attic on Adams

Let’s grab a drink, munch on a snack, and talk about SOUP.

Planning is underway for our Spring Social and we welcome friends, active members, and curious newbies to join in and shape the future of SOUP. Whether you’re around 10 minutes or decide to volunteer we’d love to meet you and hear your ideas!

Call for proposals

The next SOUP might be months away (May 21st!), BUT proposals are open *now.*

Wondering if your idea or project qualifies? Ask: Does this, in any way, benefit the Toledo community? If the answer is “yes,” apply! If you’re not sure, apply!

Here are some things SOUP funds could be used for:

– murals
– any type of art project
– bringing in guest speakers
– planting a community garden
– hosting a neighborhood/community event
– providing tutoring for children
– after-school activities
– renovations to a building
– new oven for your bakery
– expanding your business
– jump-starting a business
– putting together kits or other needed items for homeless persons
– starting a local organization
– rent payments for your business
– photo projects
– video projects
– publishing projects
– putting on a play or other performance act
– buying gear to start a podcast

Anything qualifies so long as it can, in some way, positively add to Toledo. We can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas y’all have.

Apply at