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About Our Chefs

We have some incredible local chefs providing soup, salad and bread for our 5th Anniversary celebration!

Tony House – Nine and Fleetwood’s

Tony got his culinary education “through the school of hard knocks,” he says. “I paid attention, worked hard and practiced.” Tony has served the kitchens of some of Toledo’s favorite establishments, including Burger Bar 419, Cousino’s Navy Bistro and Grumpy’s Deli. He’s been with the Mud Hens organization for three years and is now the Executive Chef of Nine and Fleetwood’s.

Soup (the food), he says, “in its essence, is comfort. Regardless of the kind of soup it is, it warms the soul.” Tony’s excited to serve up some of that comfort and give back to the community by supporting Toledo SOUP.

The Creole Garlic Bisque he’s cooking up for the event sounds very comfortable, indeed.

Joe Felix – Toledo Museum of Art

Joe’s been in the restaurant business for 19 years. He started at TMA more than 10 years ago as a dishwasher, was mentored by Chef Erika Rapp, and has served as the Executive Chef since 2015.

“Cooking is better,” Joe says, “when we put ourselves into a dish.” When he feels a dish has turned out perfectly, he dances and runs around the museum making everyone try it.

The specialty at the Museum Cafe is the Hand Made Gnocchi and the Maple Smoked Onion Soup which he’ll be bringing to our event on May 21st!

Scott Bowman – Fowl & Fodder

“Soup is so much fun to make and eat!” says Scott. “I love it as an early dinner with some nice cheese, and crusty bread.”

Scott’s passion for cooking sparked when he was a child. Soup takes him back there to fond memories of cooking with his mom. “She taught me so many things necessary in the world, including how to turn old freezer scraps into something delicious on a cold winter day.” Those lessons helped him conceive his Fowl & Fodder concept, which opened on West Central Avenue three years ago.

This isn’t the first time Scott has contributed his culinary delights to Toledo SOUP, either. “Organizations like this strengthen our community. These are the people giving our town its unique persona, and I hope it continues to grow,” he says. He has a special place in his heart for the crowdfunding aspect, too – his successful Kickstarter campaign helped him establish a second Fowl & Fodder location, which will open on Adam’s Street in downtown Toledo this summer.

Scott’s making two soups for our upcoming event – Vegan Zucchini and Cream of Asparagus – with fresh, local produce from Riehm Farms.

Cynthia Bunch – Cynthia’s Catering

After a successful career in advertising and raising her children, Cynthia embarked on her culinary adventure working for Chef JD Wesley at JD Wesley’s Bistro. She started her catering business in 2000 and today serves corporate functions, small and large dinner parties, weddings, cocktail parties and a variety of other events. She also works with nonprofits – yay for us! “I love getting involved with Toledo SOUP and giving back my time and talent to such a worthy organization that helps others start and live their dreams,” Cynthia says.

For this event, Cynthia is making Vichyssoise – a cold potato soup – with cucumber, arugula and watercress.

Kelly Mettler – Cock & Bull

Kelly learned to cook the old-fashioned way – by watching her mother. “I can proudly say I learned most of my cooking skills from her,” she says. Kelly’s mom was a single mother who often worked two jobs to support her daughters, and Kelly remembers that preparing dinner and sitting down to enjoy it as a family was a way for them to spend quality time together.
Cock & Bull opened in 2012 and Kelly jumped at the chances to share her love of food and togetherness with their guests. The pub menu focuses on good, homemade comfort food cooked with quality ingredients and served in hearty, belly-filling portions.

Kelly feels “fortunate to have been able to realize her dreams as an entrepreneur,” so she – and everyone else at Cock & Bull – are “thrilled to support Toledo SOUP’s mission of encouraging and assisting others on their own paths to success.”
She’ll be serving up her Italian Vegetable Soup at the event.

Pam Weirauch – Pam’s Corner

For 15 years, Pam Weirauch (pronounced WHY-rock) has owned Pam’s Corner on 10th Street in downtown Toledo, where she serves up specialty homemade soups and salads. She’s enjoyed watching and being part of the many changes in our downtown district.

The idea of bringing people together with food has always been part of her mission both professionally and personally, so she’s a natural Toledo SOUPer. Pam helped host our first-ever event and has contributed soup to several events over the years. (Who remembers the Dill Pickle Soup? SO GOOD!)

This time, she’s taking our salad course to the next level. Pam’s bringing Pear Salad with spicy pecans, blue cheese and dried cranberries AND a Strawberry Salad with almonds and mandarin oranges.

Eric – Rosie’s Italian Grille

Eric’s our bread man for this event. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and he received his culinary training at Monroe County Community College. Early in his career, Eric worked for Pinnacle Catering and he’s been with Rosie’s Italian Grille for nearly two decades.

Eric loves the creativity of soup (the food). “There are limitless possibilities when it comes to soup,” he says. The same can be said for Toledo SOUP, too, and Eric enjoys being involved for “all the good things the organization makes possible.”

He’ll be bringing fresh baked dinner bread for this event.


We’ve heard back from the chefs which means…. Menu Time!! Where else can you try all these for $5?

Chef Tony, NINE:
– creole garlic bisque soup

Chef Kelly Mettler, Ye Olde Cock ‘n Bull:
– vegetable italian wedding soup

Chef Scott Bowman, Fowl and Fodder:
– vegan zucchini soup (Riehm Farms)
– cream of asparagus soup (Riehm Farms)

Chef Cynthia Bunch, Cynthia’s Catering:
– arugula and watercress vichyssoise (cold spring soup with potatoes and cucumber)

Chef Joe Felix, The Toledo Museum of Art:
– maple smoked onion soup

Chef Pam Weirauch, Pam’s Corner:
– pear salad with spicy pecans, blue cheese, and dried cranberries
– strawberry salad with almonds and mandarin oranges

Chef Eric Kish, Rosie’s Italian Grille:
– fresh baked dinner bread

5th Anniversary SOUP Raffle

Raffle items are coming in and they are overwhelmingly generous. Get these – $2000 Marketing Package, $570 Latin and Ballroom Dance Package, $200 Gas Grill, and a bunch more!! $5 for one ticket, $20 for 5 tickets.

See the full lineup in our album


Morgan Fitzgibbons, [freespace], A Project of Civic Digs

The mission of [freespace] is to foster creativity, community, and civic innovation through the gift of free space. The project will activate a vacant downtown Toledo building for one week in July by challenging the greater Toledo community to fill it up with events, art, and ideas to improve their city and community. For example, someone may want to host a Sweating to the Oldies event or a Blanket Fort Building Party or someone may take the challenge to finally pursue a mural idea or starting a new organization.The space will be free to use. The project will promote a culture in Toledo where people feel empowered to make their ideas a reality.

Funds from SOUP will pay for the building insurance and smaller expenses such as temporary improvements and utilities for the space.


Ketha Harrison, Break Chains Make Changes

Break Chains Make Changes is an organization to advocate fatherhood empowerment in the low income inner city. The organization would like to hold block parties in order to bring together fathers in four different Toledo neighborhoods. At these events, fathers would be provided: 1) a chance to connect & positively play with their young children, 2) meet employers to find jobs, or network to find better jobs 3) listen to a short talk by a peer providing practical skills of increasing positive relationships with their significant others and their family members overall. The goal for BCMC is to change the state of a father who was originally in a state of crisis and poverty.

Funds from SOUP will go toward planning the first neighborhood block party and purchasing necessary items such as a tent, food, bouncy house, tables and chairs, sound system, generator, porta-potties, and security.


Jakob Gray, Jones Beekeeping Association

The Beekeeping Association at Jones Leadership Academy (Toledo Public Schools) seeks to educate our future about bees, biology, ecology, entrepreneurship, and the importance of conservation. Students will gain an awareness of the natural world through presentations, field trips, and first hand experience that will instill an appreciation for our planet in its inheritors. Students will be responsible for the upkeep of the hive and all business decisions associated with the program. Students will make various products to sell at the farmers market or local health stores to support the program long-term.

Funds from SOUP will cover all initial costs associated with the program, including buying all the necessary equipment: two bee boxes, an extractor, suits, tools, and packaging.


Jill Bunge, FFT & SSFAC Refugee Food Box Program

Food For Thought (FFT) will partner with Social Services for the Arab Community (SSFAC) to provide monthly food boxes tailored to the dietary preferences of Arab refugees and immigrant families for much needed food assistance as they resettle into work, recreation, and life in the Toledo community. The Refugee Food Box Program will extend Toledo’s rich history of offering welcome to immigrants who bring incredible experiences, knowledge, and culture to our community. SSFAC currently has a caseload of 22 immigrant and refugee families (79 total individuals in all households) who are in need of food assistance.

Funding from SOUP will allow both organizations to cover two months of startup costs to source, pack, and deliver the food boxes directly to recipients.


1) Jill Bunge, FFT & SSFAC Refugee Food Box Program
2) Jakob Gray, Jones Beekeeping Association
3) Ketha Harrison, Break Chains Make Changes
4) Morgan Fitzgibbons, [freespace], A Project of Civic Digs

More details to come.