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Proposal Pick-up/Drop-off Locations

Head to Floral Pursuit or Handmade Toledo to pick up a blank or drop off your completed proposal!
Open during business hours through 5/1.

Or fill out and submit your proposal online here.

Upcoming workshop and deadline

One week until the Proposal Workshop!

Two weeks until the Proposal deadline. Submit ideas here.

Toledo SOUP Happy Hour

Happy Hour
5:30pm Monday, January 23, 2017 @ Attic on Adams

Let’s grab a drink, munch on a snack, and talk about SOUP.

Planning is underway for our Spring Social and we welcome friends, active members, and curious newbies to join in and shape the future of SOUP. Whether you’re around 10 minutes or decide to volunteer we’d love to meet you and hear your ideas!

Call for proposals

The next SOUP might be months away (May 21st!), BUT proposals are open *now.*

Wondering if your idea or project qualifies? Ask: Does this, in any way, benefit the Toledo community? If the answer is “yes,” apply! If you’re not sure, apply!

Here are some things SOUP funds could be used for:

– murals
– any type of art project
– bringing in guest speakers
– planting a community garden
– hosting a neighborhood/community event
– providing tutoring for children
– after-school activities
– renovations to a building
– new oven for your bakery
– expanding your business
– jump-starting a business
– putting together kits or other needed items for homeless persons
– starting a local organization
– rent payments for your business
– photo projects
– video projects
– publishing projects
– putting on a play or other performance act
– buying gear to start a podcast

Anything qualifies so long as it can, in some way, positively add to Toledo. We can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas y’all have.

Apply at


NW Ohio Chefs: Let’s team up!

Toledo SOUP Cookbook with deadline

10/25 Event Results

Congratulations to our Spooky SOUP winner, Long Live the Roulet Dies by Rachel McCartney of Deep In Design!

The Toledo community donated over $800 during Sunday night’s event at the Ohio Theatre & Event Center, which Deep In Design will use to further the preservation of Toledo’s history.

Thank you to all of our amazing presenters, sponsors, donors, contributors and volunteers. You really make doing exciting things in Toledo a wonderful experience. ‪#‎UntilNextTime‬!

10/25 EVENT PROJECT 4 OF 4: Trade Roots – A Human Trafficking Documentary

And lastly, but certainly not least-ly, our fourth presenter at Spooky Soup will be:

Trade Roots – A Human Trafficking Documentary (Beth Powder)
Trade Roots is an independent documentary film about human trafficking being made here in Toledo. The goal of the film is to raise awareness, build relationships with local organizations battling the human trafficking trade, and create local jobs. The production will utilize local talent and resources to create a film that tackles an international issue.

SOUP funds would help purchase sound recording equipment, build a teleprompter, and form an LLC production’s legal needs.

10/25 EVENT PROJECT 3 OF 4: Song and Drink – Communal Singing in Toledo

The third presenter at the October 25th SOUP event will be:

Song and Drink: Communal Singing in Toledo (Brad Pierson)
Whateverandeveramen, a project-based vocal ensemble, wants to present an evening of drinking songs at a local Toledo establishment. Beyond simply offering a performance, our singers will teach the songs to the rest of the patrons and involve them in a full scale sing-a-long. This event not only increases patronage at a local business, but creates a sense of fellowship and community in Toledo. Our tagline is “Grab a friend. Grab a pint. Sing.”

Funding from SOUP will allow us to pay singers a reasonable rate, without passing any cost along to our guests. Any other money will be used to help promote the event in public forums. While this night of song and drink will stand on its own as an event, the hope is to inspire a series of similar events that will continue to engage the community through song.

10/25 EVENT PROJECT 2 OF 4: Participatory Art for Transient Audiences

Also presenting at this weekend’s fundraising event:

Participatory Art for Transient Audiences (Crystal Phelps)
This project outlines works of art that are focused on site-specific installation, performance, and participation.

The hope is to launch a series of programs that move public art into a new stage of dialogue within the community through performance, participation and conversation. By creating projects that are geared specifically for a transient audience, the community will have the opportunity to participate with public art in a new way.

10/25 EVENT PROJECT 1 OF 4: Long Live the Roulet Dies

You probably want the deets on who’s presenting at this weekend’s event, right? Well, here we go, in no particular order.

Long Live the Roulet Dies (Rachel McCartney)
Deep In Design has acquired a 1930’s HJ Reusch Percussion Press that was owned by Roulet Jewelers, a 140-year-old Toledo business that’s consolidating and closing its downtown location.

If awarded the SOUP grant, the funds will be used to offset some of the costs associated with purchasing and moving the press. Funds may also be applied to the auction purchase of an associated die collection, which features 7,000 dies for products made by almost every major company and organization in Toledo, including dies produced for Jeep, a medallion presented to Amelia Earhart, and more items of historical significance.

The biggest benefit to the Toledo community is the preservation of the dies, which document in a very unique way 140 years of Toledo history. We see ourselves as stewards and promoters of this incredible collection, and will share it out however possible. In the immediate future, the press and dies will be demonstrated at an upcoming Arts Commission fundraiser, “DNA: The Intersection of Toledo Arts and Industry.”