Past Events + Winners

Event #11 September 18, 2016 @ Collingwood Arts Center


WINNER: Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym $813

Tracy Plumb Roux-eez of Chef Tracy 419
Toledo police Officer Ron Fuelling
Rhys Rogers of Balance Pan-Asian Grille
Andrew Veselenak of Shawn’s Irish Tavern

With coffee from Maddie & Bella!


  • Morgan Fitzgibbons is hoping to win SOUP funds to help create a Post-It mural on the interior, north side of the Fiberglas Tower in downtown Toledo. The tower has been vacant for decades. Morgan said he has received permission to create the mural.
  • Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym, which won SOUP in 2014, is back again seeking funding to help pay the gym’s Internet bill and to send a team of eight athletes to the Elite, Youth, and Junior National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, in December.
  • Joseph Peterson is seeking SOUP funding to put on a “Family Feud” style event at Scott High School, in which students, staff, family, and “celebrities,” will compete for prizes by guessing the responses to survey questions.
  • Jerrod Witt is hoping you’ll vote for his AudiblEye project. AudiblEye provides indoor navigation to the blind and visually impared through an iOS app. SOUP funds would be used to spread the application to a larger audience.

Event #10 February 21, 2016 @ Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center

-Andrew Veselenak (Shawn’s Irish Tavern), chicken tortilla
-Maureen Brogan (Original Sub Shop & Deli), roasted butternut squash
-Hassan Hassan (Executive Diner), loaded baked potato

Bread donated by Country Grains

Toledo Streets Newspaper
Toledo Prison Mural Arts Project
Together We Can Make a Difference

WINNER: Toledo Streets – $1,000+

Toledo Streets produces a monthly newspaper that covers community news, but at the core, this is a service organization that gives people the tools and support to lift themselves out of poverty trough work. In addition to selling the newspapers produced by the organization, many of their independent vendors contribute to the publication and sell advertising to support the paper and earn extra income.

Toledo Streets also provides those in need with job training skills and connects them with resources for housing and medical care.

Event #9 5pm October 25, 2015 @ The Ohio Theatre

-Andrew Veselenak (Shawn’s Irish Tavern), pork paprikash
-Zoup! Talmadge Center, chicken pot pie
-Balance Pan-Asian Grille, hot & sour soup

Bread donated by All Crumbs Artisan Bakery
Coffee donated by Plate 21

Long Live the Roulet Dies (Rachel McCartney of Deep In Design)
Trade Roots – A Human Trafficking Documentary (Beth Powder)
Song and Drink: Communal Singing in Toledo (Brad Pierson, Whateverandeveramen)
Participatory Art for Transient Audiences (Crystal Phelps)

WINNER: Long Live the Roulet Dies by Rachel McCartney of Deep In Design – $800+

Deep In Design acquired a 1930’s HJ Reusch Percussion Press that was owned by Roulet Jewelers, a 140-year-old Toledo business that’s consolidating and closing its downtown location.

The SOUP funds will be used to offset some of the costs associated with purchasing and moving the press. Funds may also be applied to the auction purchase of an associated die collection, which features 7,000 dies for products made by almost every major company and organization in Toledo, including dies produced for Jeep, a medallion presented to Amelia Earhart, and more items of historical significance.

“The biggest benefit to the Toledo community is the preservation of the dies, which document in a very unique way 140 years of Toledo history. We see ourselves as stewards and promoters of this incredible collection, and will share it out however possible. In the immediate future, the press and dies will be demonstrated at an upcoming Arts Commission fundraiser, “DNA: The Intersection of Toledo Arts and Industry,” says McCartney.


Event #8 5pm June 14, 2015 @ The Ohio Theatre

– Scott Bowman (Fowl and Fodder), a ham, white bean and kale soup and a spicy pureed lentil soup
– Andrew Veselenak (Shawn’s Irish Tavern), italian herb chicken and rice soup
– Aaron Hensley (House of Eats at Bier Stube), vegan red wine vegetable rice soup

Bread donated by All Crumbs Artisan Bakery
Coffee donated by Plate 21

John DuVall of Actors Collaborative Toledo
Kristin Angelo of Harvey House
Nicholas Mandros of JLJ Vision Outreach

WINNER: Harvey House of Northwest Ohio – $984.50
Harvey House of Northwest Ohio, is an up-and-coming shelter and resource center for runaway and homeless LGBT youth and their allies.

Their goal is to purchase and renovate a building that will serve as a safe space for LGBT youth. They’ll also provide basic necessities, such as hygiene products, hot meals, and showers, as well as tutoring, job training and connections to services, such as housing and counseling.

SOUP Funding will help Harvey House apply for tax-exempt status, which will facilitate their grant applications. They will also set up a PO BOX for donations and mailings and possibly conduct fundraisers to make this center a reality.


Event #7 5pm March 8, 2015 @ Toledo School for the Arts

– Alex Sutphin (Ciao Bella), chickpea and farrow soup
Pam Weirauch (Pam’s Corner), dill pickle soup
Aaron Hensley (House of Eats), IPA chicken and rice soup.

Bread donated by Country Grains Bread Co.
Coffee donated by Maddie and Bella Coffee Co.

– Silke Goudos of 419 Tales
– Dee Brown of Delightful Art with Dee
– Gretchen DeBacker of Sisters in Law
– Sandy Sieben of Toledo Youth Pages

WINNER:  Sisters-in-Law – $2,596 Update #1
‪#‎SistersInLaw‬ is a group of female volunteer attorneys who provide legal advocacy and mentoring to the moms who are participating in the program at Mom’s House, a non-profit whose missions is to provide at-risk single parents with the tools and resources needed to be effective parents, as well as help them achieve their educational goals.

If selected at the SOUP grant recipients, they will use the money for startup costs, including supplies, copying, postage, etc. Money may also be used to pay for child care expenses when the moms are in the enrichment sessions with the mentors. (Mom’s House has a small and tight budget and cannot absorb these additional payroll costs.) In addition, they plan to use funds to help cover transportation costs to planned outings and/or to pay for provided educational materials at these sessions.
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Event #6 October 26, 2014 @ Handmade Toledo

CHEFS: Hassan Hassan (Executive Diner), Andrew Ruiz (Toledo Museum of Art), Aaron Hensley (House of Eats)

Bread donated by Country Grains Bread Co.

PRESENTERS: Children’s Theatre Workshop, Soul City Boxing & Wresting, Toledo Streets

WINNER: Soul City Boxing & Wresting – $1278 Update #2 Update #1
Coach Roshawn Jones and the people he works with at Soul City, an anti-gang violence gym, said they would use the SOUP winnings to buy two computers to enhance their after-school tutoring program. Soul City is a corner-lot building in a tough Toledo neighborhood. Roshawn and his father, Otha Jones, opened the gym after they noticed an increase in crime in the area. They offer boxing and wrestling coaching to, predominantly, inner-city youths as a means to keep them off the streets and out of gangs, and also to combat childhood obesity. In recent years, the gym has grown to offer mental health counseling and tutoring.
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Event #5 June 22, 2014 @ Mad Ave Collective

CHEFS: Andrew Ruiz (Toledo Museum of Art), Sarah Cohen (Black Kite Coffee), Aaron Hensley (House of Eats)

PRESENTERS: East Side Art Studio, FDCA Late Night Basketball, Someone I know has Cancer

WINNER: FDCA Late Night Basketball – $734 Update
Requesting funds for an evening basketball program for Toledo youth, ages 16-28 years old.


Event #4 March 9, 2014 @ Toledo School for the Arts

CHEFS: Tony House (Burger Bar 419), Aaron Hensley (House of Meats) and Rhys Rogers of Balance Pan-Asian Grille

PRESENTERS: East Toledo Phase I/Public Art, Fertile Grounds Radio, GlassCity Goat Gals, New Life Urban Agriculture, Sibshops

CO-WINNER: GlassCity Goat Gals – $1084 Update
An agribusiness looking to establish an urban goat farm. Their mission is to serve the Toledo community by teaching and modeling sustainability. With a vision to take an old, abandoned, dead-end street and transforming it into an oasis of outdoor learning opportunities, the gals who presented at SOUP’s inaugural event are back with a plan.

CO-WINNER: New Life Urban Agriculture – $1084 Update
Derek Bunch of New Life Urban Agriculture plans to start a vertical farm that will produce high quality, 100% organic, locally-grown mushrooms to a hungry target audience of restaurants, caterers and farmers markets. His intentions are to produce and distribute the tastiest mushroom varieties he can grow–lion’s main, oyster, shiitake, wood ear and portobello.


Event #3 September 8, 2013 @ Toledo School for the Arts

PRESENTERS: Macelwane Park, Children’s Theatre Workshop, Art Corner Toledo, ADJ-ective New Music

WINNER: The Art of Hope – $1015 Update
Toledo is one of the worst cities for human trafficking in the nation– something Genevieve Abalos wants your help to change. She’s proposing The Art of Hope, a project that will not only transform a house into a home, but also transform the lives of victims.


Event #2 September 23, 2012 @ My Brother’s Place

WINNER: Art Around Town – $858 Update
Creative and educational art activities for area youth.


Event #1 March 4, 2012 @ The Davis Building

PRESENTERS: Force Within Community Garden, Glass City Pedicabs, Tart, Toledo’s Petbull Project

WINNER: Glass City Pedicabs – $1047 Update
Glass City Pedicabs a new bicycle taxi service operating in Downtown Toledo, who will use the funds to purchase operating insurance, and new parts for the bikes. Glass City Pedicabs is a bicycle taxi company. The company runs three-wheel bike taxis to transport people. The bikes are non-motorized, fully pedal-powered, and completely “green.” Taxi drivers work for tips only to provide affordable means of transportation to the Downtown, Uptown, and Warehouse District neighborhoods for games, bars, lunch hour, etc.
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