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  • Your idea can be about ANYTHING.
  • Idea must be based in Greater Toledo Area.
  • Anyone can submit.


  1. Answer the questions below or on this printable form. Forms are also available at Handmade Toledo and Floral Pursuit.
    • On the printed form, if you need more space, you may attach additional paper.
  2. Submit the form in one of the following ways:
    • Press “Submit Proposal” button at the end of this page.
    • Email us your completed form at
    • Drop-off your completed form at Handmade Toledo or Floral Pursuit.


Click here to access advice and examples of the 6 proposal questions with content to help you as you write your own response.

Toledo SOUP occasionally host Proposal Workshops to give submitters a chance to refine their message by watching a presentation of recommendations, ask questions, work with peers, and share their own roadblocks.

The SOUP Committee will also happily answer questions. Just ask!

To be considered for the May 21 event at Hensville.


Submit a Proposal

For a chance to present your project to Toledo SOUP, please fill out the form below. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page or email
  • Contact Info:

  • Project Info:

  • A concise and descriptive name for your proposal. This can be your organization name and a brief description, or the name of your product or service.
  • If you have a website associated with your project or the organization behind it, please enter it here.
  • A brief 3-5 sentence summary of your project, as it exists now. Please include the main focus of your organization, product or service.
  • Describe how you will use SOUP grant funding to make your project a reality.
  • Describe how your project will make a positive impact within the Greater Toledo Area.
  • Describe the timeline for your project and how you could share its progress at a future event.
  • If your project requires more than $750-$1250, how much total funding do you need? What are your other sources of funds and have you secured them?


Once the deadline has passed, the SOUP Committee will collect the proposals and give anonymous copies to a select set of local leaders, past winners, and project experts. The judges will vote for their top four based on a number factors, including feasibility, community impact, necessity, and timeline.

A couple weeks before the social, you will be notified whether or not you were selected. If you were selected, congratulations! You have the opportunity to pitch your proposal at the next SOUP and are closer to winning the micro-grant. If you were not selected, please resubmit and TRY AGAIN!!


  • Previous Toledo SOUP winners are not eligible to submit for one year from their award date. Runner-up presenters must sit out one SOUP event before being eligible to apply again.
  • By submitting a project proposal, applicant grants permission to Toledo SOUP to use the applicant’s proposal in promotional materials for Toledo SOUP.

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