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CLICK HERE to Submit your Idea
Deadline April 30th at 12PM for Spring 2019 submissions.


WHEN: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM

WHERE: Market on The Green (2nd floor)


1) Submit your application.
2) Judges select four.
3) Four ideas pitched at next event.
4) Event attendees vote.
5) Winner leaves with $$.

– Participation is free.
– Your idea can be about ANYTHING.
– Idea must be based in the Greater Toledo area.
– Anyone can submit.

1. Short, quick, and to the point
– Your proposal doesn’t need to be a novel.
– Be concise – eliminate wordy phrases and jargon.
– Free write then hone in to your main focus (this may take several passes).
2. Help us understand your idea
– Assume the reader doesn’t know anything related to your project.
– Don’t make the reader work.
– Provide facts/examples about past success, current position, and your future potential.
– Show off both the big picture and supporting details.
– Be honest.
3. Edit and proofread
– Anything you submit will be used in printed packets at the dinner, please be concise.
– Organize and clarify your message – make it easy to follow.
– Look for spelling errors and grammar issues.
– Go back through, re-read, and read aloud.
– Get another set of eyes to look at it.
– If you submit a written application, make sure it is legible.

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