10/25 EVENT PROJECT 3 OF 4: Song and Drink – Communal Singing in Toledo

The third presenter at the October 25th SOUP event will be:

Song and Drink: Communal Singing in Toledo (Brad Pierson)
Whateverandeveramen, a project-based vocal ensemble, wants to present an evening of drinking songs at a local Toledo establishment. Beyond simply offering a performance, our singers will teach the songs to the rest of the patrons and involve them in a full scale sing-a-long. This event not only increases patronage at a local business, but creates a sense of fellowship and community in Toledo. Our tagline is “Grab a friend. Grab a pint. Sing.”

Funding from SOUP will allow us to pay singers a reasonable rate, without passing any cost along to our guests. Any other money will be used to help promote the event in public forums. While this night of song and drink will stand on its own as an event, the hope is to inspire a series of similar events that will continue to engage the community through song.