Chef Profile 1 of 3: Pam Weirauch

It’s time to tell you about our Chefs for Sunday’s event! Are you getting excited yet? We sure are!

Pam’s Corner is a favorite lunch spot, thanks to the rotating menu, weekly specials and, in no small part, the magnanimous Pam Weirauch herself. Pam’s food is as outgoing and spunky as she is, and diners RAVE about her homemade soups.

Pam has always loved soup. In fact, she firmly believes it should have it’s own spot on the food pyramid. She loves to try new combinations, andwhen she has the opportunity to travel her soup spoon gets quite the workout. Pam can still recall the thrill of her first blended soup in Barbados in 1985.

We’re delighted that Pam is bringing her unique spirit and culinary talents to our fundraiser in the form of dill pickle soup, a Polish favorite she’s sure Toledo SOUP guests will love.