Event #14

MAY 20, 2018
Roof of Main Library, 325 N. Michigan St.

submissions: 22
votes: 168
raised: $1481
winner: Friday Night Home Cooked Dinners

Creamy Asparagus – Maureen Brogan, Original Sub Shop
Lobster Corn Chowder – Eli Fakes, Barr’s Public House
Roasted Tomato Garlic (vegan & gluten free) – Tobias Czlapinski, Yer Mom’s House of Eats
Chicken & Rice w/ vegetables – Tobias Czlapinski, Yer Mom’s House of Eats

Bread and 
Salad by the Toledo SOUP Crew

(1) Art and Soup for the Soul, Tana Johnoff

Art and Soup for the Soul will offer a cathartic and progressive art project along with the nourishment of homemade soup and bread for cancer patients and their caregivers. Funds from SOUP will be used for start up costs – including organic vegetables from Friendship Farms CSA, bread from a local baker, space rental, and art supplies.

(2) The Chief’s Boutique, Jonelle Massey

The Chief’s Boutique plans to use SOUP funds to transform East Broadway Elementary’s 300 sq ft utility closet into a student-run boutique. The boutique will supply professional and “Sunday’s Best” clothing and accessories to students currently unable to participate in the school’s non-uniform, dressy “WOW Wednesday”s.

(3) Friday Night Home Cooked Dinner, Elaina Hernandez

Friday Night Home Cooked Dinner plans to use SOUP funds to help continue homemade family style dinners that are served during their Midnight Run Basketball programs. This program helps keep young people off the streets and make sure they receive a hot meal.

(4) Furnish the Nest, Tiffany Crain

Opening this fall, The Nest Bowling Green will provide free early childhood care to 6 week to 5 year olds of parents completing their education. The funds will be used to purchase the program’s child-sized furniture.

If you can connect any  of the presenters with additional funding or resources, please reach out to us.

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