Event #15

November 11, 2018
Sofia Quintero Arts + Cultural Center

submissions: 18
votes: 151
raised: $1237
winner: Open Table Toledo

Chef Al Navarre, Rocky’s Bar – Dive Chili
Chef Dean Van Ness, Van Ness’s Timeout – Mulligan Stew
Chef Ian Regent, Rose & Thistle – Squash Bisque

Bread by All Crumbs Bakery
Salad by the Toledo SOUP Crew

(1) Eric Thomas, Earn-a-Bike

Toledo Bikes aims to re-purpose used bikes so that they may be available as transportation to people within the community. With the auxiliary equipment that the grant would provide, we can ensure that people can safely and properly cycle within the city. Lights are a necessity for riding at night, with consequences for a lack of lights being low visibility that may cause collisions or injuries or a ticket from the police, that many who use bicycle as transportation would not be able to afford. Locks ensure that the bicycle owner can ensure the safety of their bike, another luxury that low-income cyclists might not be able to afford. The addition of helmets provides protection for the rider and promotes Toledo Bike’s mission of practicing safety when cycling. Helmets are often considered optional by riders, partly because of the cost of the helmet.

(2) Mandy Lehman, Phoenix Project

Phoenix Project aims to help children transition from childhood in the foster care system to adulthood. They also want to move youth to success in spite of life challenges and the chance to have caring adults impact their life. This helps lower the risk of returning to the negative coping skills and getting lost with no independent living skills and weak social skills.

(3) Richard Martinez, Green Grocer on Huron

Green Grocer on Huron fruit and vegetable market provides a means for the community to receive healthy fresh fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices within an area that is a “food desert”. There are no food markets in this area, only carry outs that do not offer nutritious food items. The Greengrocer, housed in a nineteenth century mom and pop grocery building which The Foundation is restoring, is open Saturdays, beginning in May and ending in November. In addition to Foundation members, the grocery is staffed by neighborhood volunteers.

(4) Roberta de Boer-Duram, Open Table

Open Table Toledo is an initiative for youth aging out of foster care — young adults who were never safely reunited with family, never adopted, and at age 18+ are suddenly on their own and fending for themselves. We bring together and train groups of 6-8 volunteers who commit for one year to meet weekly (preferably over a meal) with one young person too old for continued foster care. We don’t provide services; we provide relationships. Our mission is to create a safe, nonjudgmental setting where a young adult can find belonging, acceptance, and consistent support. In this quasi-family setting, young people are bolstered as they set goals and face the tribulations of adulthood. At the end of one year, our intent is that the young person and at least one or two table members will have forged supportive relationships that endure into the future.

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