Event #11

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016
Collingwood Arts Center

raised: $813
votes: 81
winner:  Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym

– Tracy Plumb-Ruiz of Chef Tracy 419
– Rhys Rogers of Balance Pan-Asian Grille
– Andrew Veselenak of Shawn’s Irish Tavern

With coffee from Maddie & Bella!

– Morgan Fitzgibbons is hoping to win SOUP funds to help create a Post-It mural on the interior, north side of the Fiberglas Tower in downtown Toledo. The tower has been vacant for decades. Morgan said he has received permission to create the mural.
– Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym, which won SOUP in 2014, is back again seeking funding to help pay the gym’s Internet bill and to send a team of eight athletes to the Elite, Youth, and Junior National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, in December.
– Joseph Peterson is seeking SOUP funding to put on a “Family Feud” style event at Scott High School, in which students, staff, family, and “celebrities,” will compete for prizes by guessing the responses to survey questions.
– Jerrod Witt is hoping you’ll vote for his AudiblEye project. AudiblEye provides indoor navigation to the blind and visually impared through an iOS app. SOUP funds would be used to spread the application to a larger audience.

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