Event #3

Toledo School for the Arts

raised: $1015
winner: The Art of Hope

Aaron Hensley
Sue Wuest
Pam Weirauch

Bread provided by Amelia Contreras of Egg & Honey.
Salad by Paula Ross.

(1) The Art of Hope, Genevieve Abalos
Painting the exterior of a house for women coming out of human trafficking. Toledo is one of the worst cities for human trafficking in the nation– something Genevieve Abalos wants your help to change. She’s proposing The Art of Hope, a project that will not only transform a house into a home, but also transform the lives of victims.

(2) The Macelwane Park Basketball Court Project, Ben Cohen
Unifying The Old West End neighborhood by beautifying the court and making it a positive community space. 

(3) Children’s Theatre Workshop, Aimee Reid
Implementing a new project for students to collaborate on writing a short script based on their own ideas.

(4) Art Corner Toledo, Rachel Richardson
Providing supplies for public art murals that promote Toledo as a city full of artists and activists.

(5) ADJ-ective New Music, Jamie Sampson
Supporting the Contemporary Music Series for Toledo to include music written and performed by young area musicians.

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