Event #4

MARCH 9, 2014
Toledo School for the Arts

raised: $2168
co-winners: GlassCity Goat Gals and New Life Urban Agriculture

GlassCity Goat Gals is an agribusiness looking to establish an urban goat farm. Their mission is to serve the Toledo community by teaching and modeling sustainability. With a vision to take an old, abandoned, dead-end street and transforming it into an oasis of outdoor learning opportunities, the gals who presented at SOUP’s inaugural event are back with a plan.
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New Life Urban Agriculture plans to start a vertical farm that will produce high quality, 100% organic, locally-grown mushrooms to a hungry target audience of restaurants, caterers and farmers markets. His intentions are to produce and distribute the tastiest mushroom varieties he can grow–lion’s main, oyster, shiitake, wood ear and portobello.

Tony House (Burger Bar 419)
– Aaron Hensley (House of Meats), bacon potato chowder
– Rhys Rogers (Balance Pan-Asian Grille), vegan miso

bread from All Crumbs Bakery
side salad courtesy of the Toledo SOUP Committee

(1) East Toledo Phase I/Public Art, Amber LeFever
Artist-designed and painted public fixtures (streetside trashcans and planters) to beautify Main Street on the East Side

(2) Fertile Grounds Radio, Tera Johnson
Broadcast equipment for a local Internet blog radio broadcast focusing on the Toledo community

(3) GlassCity Goat Gals, Elizabeth Harris
An agribusiness looking to establish an urban goat farm

(4) New Life Urban Agriculture, Derek Bunch
Local production of high-quality organic mushrooms

(5) Sibshops
Workshops for kids 9-15yrs who have a brother or sister with special needs

• Mobile Greenhouse (Bryan Ellis and Sam Melden) – a mobile micro-greenhouse to grow food for families who need and will appreciate fresh greens and produce
• Panaroma I (Dennis Sawan) – local photographer will print numerous panoramic photographs of the Toledo Skyline in large format (10 feet wide +) and adhere to the side of a building in the Warehouse District

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