Event #14

MAY 20, 2018
Roof of Main Library, 325 N. Michigan St.

submissions: 22
votes: 168
raised: $1481
winner: Friday Night Home Cooked Dinners

Creamy Asparagus – Maureen Brogan, Original Sub Shop
Lobster Corn Chowder – Eli Fakes, Barr’s Public House
Roasted Tomato Garlic (vegan & gluten free) – Tobias Czlapinski, Yer Mom’s House of Eats
Chicken & Rice w/ vegetables – Tobias Czlapinski, Yer Mom’s House of Eats

Bread and 
Salad by the Toledo SOUP Crew

(1) Art and Soup for the Soul, Tana Johnoff

Art and Soup for the Soul will offer a cathartic and progressive art project along with the nourishment of homemade soup and bread for cancer patients and their caregivers. Funds from SOUP will be used for start up costs – including organic vegetables from Friendship Farms CSA, bread from a local baker, space rental, and art supplies.

(2) The Chief’s Boutique, Jonelle Massey

The Chief’s Boutique plans to use SOUP funds to transform East Broadway Elementary’s 300 sq ft utility closet into a student-run boutique. The boutique will supply professional and “Sunday’s Best” clothing and accessories to students currently unable to participate in the school’s non-uniform, dressy “WOW Wednesday”s.

(3) Friday Night Home Cooked Dinner, Elaina Hernandez

Friday Night Home Cooked Dinner plans to use SOUP funds to help continue homemade family style dinners that are served during their Midnight Run Basketball programs. This program helps keep young people off the streets and make sure they receive a hot meal.

(4) Furnish the Nest, Tiffany Crain

Opening this fall, The Nest Bowling Green will provide free early childhood care to 6 week to 5 year olds of parents completing their education. The funds will be used to purchase the program’s child-sized furniture.

If you can connect any  of the presenters with additional funding or resources, please reach out to us.

facebook event page

Call for proposals

The next SOUP might be months away (May 21st!), BUT proposals are open *now.*

Wondering if your idea or project qualifies? Ask: Does this, in any way, benefit the Toledo community? If the answer is “yes,” apply! If you’re not sure, apply!

Here are some things SOUP funds could be used for:

– murals
– any type of art project
– bringing in guest speakers
– planting a community garden
– hosting a neighborhood/community event
– providing tutoring for children
– after-school activities
– renovations to a building
– new oven for your bakery
– expanding your business
– jump-starting a business
– putting together kits or other needed items for homeless persons
– starting a local organization
– rent payments for your business
– photo projects
– video projects
– publishing projects
– putting on a play or other performance act
– buying gear to start a podcast

Anything qualifies so long as it can, in some way, positively add to Toledo. We can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas y’all have.

Apply at

EVENT RECAP: Falling for Soup


Last night’s Falling for Soup event at the Collingwood Arts Center’s Underground Theatre was AMAZING.

Nearly 100 people came out to hear four incredible presentations and dine on soup provided by local chefs. We raised $813 through entry fees, raffle ticket sales and the bake sale, all of which went to the evening’s winner Soul City Boxing & Wrestling Gym. They’ll use the funds they received to help with cover travel expenses for taking a team of eight athletes to the Elite, Youth and Junior National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri later this year.

This is the second time the Soup audience has selected Soul City as a microgrant recipient, and, in true community fashion, they shared $150 of their grant with the other evening’s presenters: Morgan Fitzgibbons’ Post-It mural project, Joseph Peterson’s “Family Feud” community-building event at Scott High School, and Jerrod Witt’s AudiblEye app that helps the visually impaired navigate unfamiliar spaces.

We encourage those who are interested in further supporting these projects to contact the organizers directly.

High-Fives and Massive Thanks

To the Collingwood Arts Center team, — including Lexi, Ali and Pat, who helped set up the space, arrange the lighting and run the sound.

To the chefs who generously donated delicious soups:

To all the fantastic local businesses and people who contributed to the raffle:

To Maddie & Bella for the yummy coffee.

To our Emcees, Meaghan Mick and Eric Chase of 92.5 KISS FM for their energetic hosting. (You’re in for the next one, right?!)

To Ric Armentrout & Live On Location Productions for shooting the event! (We can’t wait to see the footage!)

To Mel Prior and her TSA students for all their help decorating!

And last, but certainly not least, to our incredible volunteer committee. Without all of your heart and hard work, this wouldn’t be possible.

NEXT EVENT: Falling for Soup – September 18th


We’ve cooked up another great SOUP event, so mark your calendars and tell all your friends.

Join us at 5:00pm on Sunday, September 18th at the Collingwood Arts Center’s Underground Theatre to enjoy some tasty soup from local chefs, hear presentations on several awesome community projects, and help us raise some moolah to fund one of them!

Tracy from Chef Tracy 419 will be making a ginger-squash soup that’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian!



Do you have a great idea and need a little seed money to get it off that napkin and into the history books? Does your organization need supplementary funding to carry out your mission? Would you like to make beautiful art and share it with the community?


The deadline for submissions is August 29, 2016. Once we have everyone’s awesome ideas, we’ll run them by a committee of impartial judges, who will select three or four submissions to be presented at the September 18th Falling for Soup event at the Collingwood Arts Center.

You know the drill:
1. Put $5 in the basket at the door.
2. Eat soup made by local chefs and listen to project proposal presentations.
3. Vote for the project you want to win everyone’s $5s.
4. Celebrate as the winner receives the dough!

Every dollar raised at the event from entry donations, bake sale and raffle ticket sales will go to the winner. With your help, we will raise $750 – $1250 for a small business/arts/entrepreneurial/social good project voted on by YOU, all during dinner!

If you’d like to volunteer to work the event, donate soup, bread, salad raffle items or baked goods, email us at You’ll have the eternal thanks of our grateful, soupy hearts.


Toledo SOUP Cancels Small Business Fundraising Event

It is with heavy hearts that the SOUP committee announces the cancellation of our scheduled May 15 event focused on small business fundraising.

We’ve reflected on our themed-event format and realized that it’s not working as well as we’d hoped for the community we serve. We also understand that it’s difficult for our community to support three SOUP events a year.

The committee will take the spring and summer to regroup and recruit additional volunteers, and we’ll be back in the fall with an event that will knock off your socks. Going forward, we’ll schedule bi-annual events to maximize our fundraising efforts and the impact they have on our community.

All proposals submitted for this round of funding will be kept on file and considered for the fall event. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we’ll happily connect you with any resources we can to help you achieve your small business funding goals.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the support you’ve all shown us and our micro-grant applicants over the years, and we thank you for your understanding now.

Proposals Are Open For Business

Notebook with the words Start business on the table.

Do you have a great idea for a small business? Are you itching to launch an entrepreneurial venture? Toledo SOUP wants to help! Submit your proposal for our next fundraising event, which will be focused on small business and entrepreneurial projects.

There are no restrictions on the types of business or entrepreneurial projects that can be submitted. All proposals will be evaluated by an independent selection committee comprised of local business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and business support personnel. Up to four proposals will be selected to present at the May 15, 2016 SOUP event.

To be considered for this round of funding, your proposal must be received by Monday, May 2, 2016.

We can’t wait to see all the great ideas that come through!

Soup Means Business

Event #11
5pm May 15, 2016 @ Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center

Join us for our first small business/entrepreneurial-focused SOUP event!

Vote to support your favorite project while we bring together locally-minded people over a tasty bowl of soup, with all the fixings, of course!

How it works:
1. Put $5 in the basket at the door.
2. Eat soup made by local chefs and listen project proposal presentations.
3. Vote for the project you want to win everyone’s $5s.
4. Celebrate as the winner receives the pot o’ money!

Every dollar raised at the event from entry donations, bake sale and raffle ticket sales will go to the winner. With your help, we will raise $750 – $1250 for a small business/ entrepreneurial project voted on by YOU, all during dinner!

SOUP Chefs:



TBD: You could be one of them! Submit your ideas here.

Toledo SOUP is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit group, run completely by unpaid volunteers who want to see good ideas become reality, help make NW Ohio a better place, and bring the community together for a good meal!

Join us for an evening of delicious food, interesting people, exciting ideas, and community pride.

2/21 Event Results



Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center for Soup Loves Toledo! You all helped raise more than $1,000 for the evening’s winner, Toledo Streets Newspaper.

Toledo Streets produces a monthly newspaper that covers community news, but at the core, this is a service organization that gives people the tools and support to lift themselves out of poverty trough work. In addition to selling the newspapers produced by the organization, many of their independent vendors contribute to the publication and sell advertising to support the paper and earn extra income.

Toledo Streets also provides those in need with job training skills and connects them with resources for housing and medical care.

We are so grateful to all the individuals and organizations who submitted proposals for this event, joined us to share their stories, and donated goods, services and time to make our tenth event such a rousing success. You are all awesome, change-making bad@$$es. #YouWillDoBetterInToledo

Mark your calendars for the next event, focused on small business and entrepreneurial ideas, scheduled for May 15th.