Presenters for Event #7 on 3/8/15

*sounds trumpet*
Attention, attention! The SOUP judges have spoken and have decided on *four* presenters to compete for your vote at the March 8 SOUP. In just a few short weeks, with bowls of delicious soup before you, you will meet:
– Silke Goudos of 419 Tales
– Gretchen DeBacker of Sisters in Law
– Dee Brown of Delightful Art with Dee
– Sandy Sieben of Toledo Youth Pages

SOUP starts at 5 p.m. and will be hosted at Toledo School for the Arts. Costs $5 to get in and all of that money goes directly into the winner’s pot. We will also have an *awesome* raffle (so you’ll want some extra moolah for that) and, as always, delicious baked goods for sale. All of that money goes directly to the winner, too.

We are so excited to see your beautiful faces, eat delicious soup, and learn about some great programs happening here at home. ‪#‎youwilldobetterintoledo‬