Raffle Sneak Peak

Want a sneak preview of the raffle that we’ll have this Sunday? (We kind of wish we could win because it’s *insane* and, well, you’ll want to bring some extra money. Trust us.)

The value of the total donated items is more than $700. Stop. Let it sink in. More. Than. $700. And we’re still picking up a few items.

Like to eat? The gift-card value for various local restaurants is a few hundred dollars. Like tattoos? We’ve got that. How about wine and T-shirts? Spray to clean your yoga mat? Yeah. We got that. (AND THAT’S NOT EVEN EVERYTHING!)

We’ll post a picture of the loot, and a detailed break-down of what’s up for grabs, before Sunday.

Tickets will be on sale at SOUP, $5 each or five for $20. You guys. We are so excited that we can’t even stand it. (And don’t forget that we always have the bake sale! Proceeds from the raffle and baked goods go DIRECTLY into the winner’s pot.) heart emoticon