Sample Proposal for Newbies: ABC Restaurant

We know that many organizations or businesses have little or no experience submitting proposals for a monetary benefit. We’ve put together a small sample proposal, to give some guidance on the type of information we’re looking for in the responses to proposal questions.

Sample Proposal: ABC Restaurant

Applicant Name: John Smith
Email address:
Phone: (419) 555-5555

 Project Name 

ABC Restaurant: Teaching Skills and Providing Jobs

 Project Description

ABC Restaurant is a locally owned restaurant employing 40 cooks, servers, dishwashers and front-of-house staff. Our chief mission is to provide kitchen training for unskilled workers, so that they can find employment. Secondarily, ABC Restaurant creates jobs for those who are in transition between employment or housing.

How will you use SOUP grant funding ($500-1000) to make your project a reality?

The money we receive from Toledo SOUP will go primarily to the first 3 months of labor costs, as we already have the kitchen equipment and supplies.

How will your project make a positive impact on the Toledo community?

Second Chance Restaurant will not only give people in need the skills they need to get jobs, but will also create jobs for people in the community. As the residence at ABC Restaurant is limited to 180 days, there is a revolving door of opportunity.

 What is the timeframe for your project, and how could you share about its progress/completion at an upcoming SOUP?

The timeframe for hiring and training the first group of employees would take approximately 90 days. At the next SOUP, our first group of employees would be fully trained, and the restaurant would be ready for daily service to the public. Our employees could give a short presentation explaining what daily work is like in the restaurant, the response from customers, and the scope of what they’ve learned so far.

If your project requires more than $500-1000 in startup costs, how much total funding do you need? What are your other sources of funds and have you secured them?

We would not require more than $1000 for the proposed 90-day initial group. We’ve received funding from Kickstarter, private individuals, and organizations in the community with interest in this project. All funds have been secured. Were we to be awarded an excess of $1000, the money would be used to improve the conditions of our building and pay fees, such as health inspection and equipment maintenance.

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